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Nightingale Dogs

          Workplace Paws Break


Health and wellbeing has always been a high priority for workplaces who recognise that their staff are the most important asset they have.


Benefits of a Workplace Paws Break


* Cuddling our dogs can increase the levels of the ‘happy’ hormone oxytocin and decrease the stress hormone cortisol. Studies have shown that stress reduces productivity and that a therapy dog’s loving, can help increase productivity as the stress diminishes.


* Laughter IS the best medicine and our dogs make everyone smile, they are irresistible and they love people, all people! They boost morale with their warm hearts and easy going natures - there is no way anyone can resist the 'Norman Effect'! Our team will lift moods and share around their happiness, it's contagious!



* Therapy dogs can help employees feel more resilient at dealing with stress and lessen their reactions to stressful situations.


* Lower stress = lower blood pressure = healthier employees


* Our dogs can help generate workplace interactions that would not normally take place, employees feel more connected to one another, which leads to enhanced cooperation and better team work. Team Norman, Team Crowley, Team Nellie etc…!


* A session with our dogs is overwhelmingly positive both for both mental and physical well-being and leaves a happier, healthier, more together work place and the feel good factor continues long after.


A couple of hours with OUR furry team and YOUR team will be as happy as a dog with two tails! All this can take place in a reasonable size room (small is fine) - all the games and tricks are close up - in groups of about 10 people at a time. The  two hours can be worked out however you would like to split it.
We would just need a parking space and some comfy laps! 




There are pages and pages on Google for workplace wellbeing / activity/ team building / healthy minds, kind of programmes on offer. I have googled 'seven gorgeous, performing, trained therapy dogs, who perform interactive, competitive games and tricks'. Strangely, only Nightingale Dogs would fit that search...! We really are unique!


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