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Nightingale Dogs

                Therapeutic Benefits
  Our dogs offer a unique 'paws on' experience of fun, entertaining
and emotionally beneficial person centred activities

 The purpose of our sessions is to bring joy, fun and a sense of wellbeing. To enhance quality of life through visual, physical, tactile, emotional and social stimulation.

The activity sessions are interactive, fun and most of all uplifting and joyous. Our dogs all have very individual characters and there is always the perfect match for a resident/student - cheeky, naughty, gentle, funny...! The interaction with the dogs gives a feeling of warm well-being - all in a non-judgmental, cold nose, warm heart, kind eyes, furry kind of way!


Everyone who attends a session will have an opportunity to work with least one of the dogs - if they wish to. Those that are not able to be close to the dogs, for whatever reason, but would still like to come and see the session take place, are more than welcome - they can enjoy watching the dogs work and will find the laughter and chatter infectious!  One to one visits with residents in their rooms is a common request for care homes - and not only are we happy to accommodate this, we have also found the most wonderful moments can come from these visits.

 Benefits to residents/pupils such as:-


     * Increase in self esteem through the unconditional love
        of the dog
     * Stimulates play and movement and participation in the
     * Increase nurturing and provides joy
     * Lifts moods and spirits - provides a happy distraction
     * Provide sensory stimulation
     * Encourage memory stimulation and reminiscing
     * Therapeutic touch through the dogs
     * Increase social interaction for everyone
     *  Allow resident/pupil to make choices
     *  Provide expression of affection without consequence - patting, hugging, kissing.


Benefits to home/school staff such as:- 

        * The dogs increase the willingness for residents to participate in activity sessions 
    * Research has shown that residents/pupils are happier and more compliant after a visit from therapy dogs and staff workload has been shown to decrease as residents/pupils are less demanding
    *  Dog visits contribute to the 'home-like' feel and surroundings
   * Sessions provide a positive shared experience for staff and residents/pupils to talk about before, during and after
    * Staff enjoy our sessions just as much as the residents and pupils!



Copies of our Insurance, Risk Assessment form, Enhanced DBS checks, Keeping or Training of Animals for Exhibition Licence* and dogs vaccination cards, are all available upon request

(*What is this you ask? Well, we come under the same rules as a circus...!

and yes, sometimes our home does feel like a circus big top!)



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