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Nightingale Dogs

                              Photos and Comments 

This is our 5th year of doing a panto with the dogs, for all our care homes visits in December. Seven Dogs + Costumes + Props + Tricks + Music = Who knows?! What could possibly go wrong.....?!

Posted by Nightingale Dogs on Saturday, 17 November 2018

Posted by Nightingale Dogs on Monday, 5 March 2018



We may need our 4 x 4 later today - but for now, here is our 3 x 3!

Posted by Nightingale Dogs on Monday, 26 February 2018

      Panto 2017


Xavi loves a helping hand!

Pat Collis, Home Manager, Parkview commented, ‘Every day there was a new activity for the residents to take part in if they wished to, they were all a great success but there was one that stayed in my mind and that has to be the dog show where we had a visit from Nightingale dogs. From the moment they walked through the door the home became a hub of excitement. The cutest of dogs walked into the dining room and the residents loved this.

Posted by Nightingale Dogs on Friday, 2 June 2017

 Leafy and her special lady at Maples!  
Doreen with Nellie at Weald Heights

The ever smiley Sheila at Stildon!


Puffin and his Ferrari....

  The cute and cuddly Nightingale Dogs came to visit our residents this afternoon -
Mill View Care Home


                                 Lovely ladies at Groveland Park

  The Proposal

Panto 2016

 "One of our residents, Tom, has a particularly good relationship with a dog named Puffin. From the moment Nightingale Dogs arrive, Puffin will head straight to Tom and will spend most of the visit sat on his lap and stays there until he has to get up to perform a trick.
They are absolutely the best of friends!"

Mayflower Care Home 

Thank you once again for a wonderful afternoon entertainment. The residents thoroughly enjoyed your visit and some of our new ones are still talking about how wonderful it was.
Once again you put a smile on all our faces.
Kath Misselbrook - Head of Activities Maples Care Home

2015 Statistics/Highlights

  • 465 visits
  • 9600 miles travelled
  • 5600(ish) laps sat on
  • 31 Cinderella pantomimes
  • 15 new activities added to ever growing list
  • 10,260 chews consumed
  • 144 hair cuts
  • 1 worn out pair of clippers
  • 364 baths
  • 3360 toe nails clipped
  • Several bed alarms set off by Crowley!
  • 1 cat chased up a tree by Puffin!
  • 1 dog nose in the middle of a birthday cake!
  • 1 replacement knitting bag for Gladys (not Prada!)



"After the morning tea and biscuits, people who were interested were taken to a lounge to participate in some dog therapy. We observed the therapy team members and six dogs brought a lot of happiness to the people in the lounge. Two people had their own visitors at this time and they were able to take part too. One was a young person who delighted in helping their relative hold a small dog on their lap. We saw that these activities were having positive effect on people’s wellbeing."                              

Excerpt from CQC report for The Oaks, Sidcup

Just writing to say a big thank you for coming to Greenhill. It was so lovely to meet your pooches, all little characters with huge personalities. No need for me to say how much our residents enjoyed the visit, as it was entirely self-evident on the day!  I just loved the relaxed interaction with the dogs, just the right combination of ‘programme’ and hands on for the residents.
I hope to see you all again very soon. With all good wishes,
Bettina Wood  Activities Officer Mission Care

Disco Dogs at Young Epilepsy
left to right  Tanya, Sarah, Tim, Jenny & the dogs  



I must let you know straightaway how much the session was enjoyed by everyone today; it is a brilliant way to provide interest, fun, therapeutic experience, and you presented the session with such good humour, patience, sensitivity and tact.

Thank you, Jenny and Tim, I would certainly recommend you to others.

Many thanks again,

Phyllis and the Sevenoaks Visually Impaired Club






Our residents have been busy this week at Groveland Park with lots of visitors and outings. Our favourite canines come back to visit on Wednesday providing the residents and staff with cuddles, kisses and tricks galore. Nightingale Dogs are regular visitors now at Groveland due to how much our residents adore them and this time we got to meet a new 5 month old member of their team. Nightingale dogs will be back in a couple of months time and also around Christmas time for a Panto.
Groveland Park


“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your visits, they are proving essential as part of the well being for our residents.”

 “I have received very positive feedback from your visit at the weekend.  The residents really look forward to you coming.”


“The residents are finding your visits extremely rewarding and they look forward to them very much.”




"... our student population at Valence is a complex and vulnerable one and your dogs have become a valuable asset to the students, both socially and in developing their communication skills.
Even those students who have been a little apprehensive of working with dogs have been gently encouraged and, over time, have become far more at ease....
Your sessions obviously take a lot of planning and practise... 
You are always ensuring that your dogs are clean and are aware of good hygeine when working with vunerable young people.
The impact of the work you do with your dogs at our school has been obvious. The students are very excited and motivated by the groups that you run."
Valence School, Westerham

                                                         Xavi - a natural therapy dog!

“The residents have not stopped talking about Xavi but still love Leafy!”


Grace - with her own form of therapy!


Xavi appearing in The Weekend production by the Roan Theatre Company



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