Nightingale Dogs

Sat on laps from 2011 until 2020
To all our friends who we have visited over the last nine years - thank you - we have loved sharing our dogs with you!
We have tested out our crazy games with you, laughed with you, cried with you and enjoyed the most heart warming and emotional moments with you.
Everything changed for everyone this year.
Our work with our dogs, being so up close to the residents (can't really get closer than on your lap!), obviously won't be returning to normal - for the way we work.
Not the way we would have chosen to retire the dogs, but Xavi has worked all of his seven years of life (49 years in human years) and perhaps it IS his time to relax, after all!
There is nothing to be sad about, how can we be sad when you have all given us so much joy over the years?
We will, of course, miss all our friends and I know the dogs will miss ‘their' people.  We will miss showing you my latest mad cap inventions for games to play with the dogs and we will miss those incredibly funny quips that come from the most unexpected sources!

 I can't write here all the words that would, or even could, sum up how we feel about our Nightingale Dogs visits - suffice to say, it has been emotional... really emotional and we wouldn't have changed a single moment.

Love and floofy cuddles to you all Jenny and Tim xxx

Xavi, Puffin, Breeze, Grace, Crowley, Nellie and Norman xxx








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