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About Me
Hello, I am Jenny Garlick, I live in Westerham and I have lived with, learned from and loved dogs all my life. I have either been extremely blessed, or worked very hard, to have such wonderful, kind, calm, gentle, funny and motivating dogs.....  I suspect it is a bit of both!

After working many years at various jobs in the mortgage business, I decided to concentrate, full time, on my dog work in 2001, when I started my home boarding business. It started with one dog, who I rescued and re-homed - and he stole my heart! So that I would still get to see him, I offered for him to come and stay for his holidays - which he did, for all of his life! After ten years of boarding dogs, I hung up this hat to concentrate fully on the therapeutic dog activity work. In 2011 I started with one special needs school and now we have over 100 clients - both care homes and special needs schools. 

I have studied and passed Certificates in Animal Behaviour, Dog Psychology and Behavioural Management and Animal Assisted Therapy - my dog activity work is fully insured and I am have an enhanced DBS check.

Along with this and my many years of owning, training and boarding dogs - I have also chosen to educate myself with a library of books which have a very wide knowledge base - some simple, some degree standard - but all with the aim of making, and keeping, myself as informed as possible in every aspect of living with a dog, especially the causes and effects of unwanted dog behaviours and to further my knowledge of animal assisted therapy.


Therapeutic Dog Activities 

This work came about after taking Leafy, my Shih Tzu, to visit my elderly housebound neighbour who had started to go blind and was a real animal lover. She adored Leafy calling  her 'my treasure' and the joy on her face was evident as she held Leafy and talked about the Siamese cats she used to own. She told everyone who would listen about Leafy's visits and even made sure she had dog treats bought in with her shopping for her. Leafy was so wonderful with her and seeing as my Boo and Dennis were also keen people pleasers and had a such a large array of 'tricks', I knew I should put all three to good use and I started my work and education in Animal Assisted Therapy.


My dogs will have to speak for themselves about their ‘qualifications’ when you meet them in person!


I am very enthusiastic about our therapeutic dog activity work and it is difficult to put into words, the differences I have seen in the children and adults I have been visiting. Verbal communication increases when the dogs are there (even from the most reticent person), confidence increases (both self-confidence and in being around dogs), physical movement increases and smiles appear on every face!





Dog Behaviour
My interest in dog behaviour management and modification started with my first dog - Jessie, a Great Dane who 'smiled' a toothy grin at everyone! She was the most beautiful looking, kindest, gentlest giant you could have met, but she was also a destroyer of property. That is until the day we got Stanley a very small English Toy Terrier. She adored him and he her - they made quite the funniest looking couple - but it was their interaction with each other that intrigued me. Stan, being a terrier, was quite feisty and would give some dogs the eyeball when he really shouldn't have! If the other dog took offence, Jessie would quietly, calmly and without an ounce of menace or malice, just walk and stand in front of Stan and the situation was immediately defused - no human intervention needed! It was beautiful thing to see, I wanted to know more and so began my passion for, and education in, the world of dog psychology. 


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